I stopped the juicing. My husband and I made it about two weeks, with some slip ups along the way. Yesterday, we decided together to stop the juicing. That means that I get to start cooking again, which is one of my favorite things to do; I really missed cooking over the last couple weeks. Last night I made sausage and peppers and the night before that I made a cheesy sausage and rice skillet. It’s nice to have someone to cook for, it’s not as much fun cooking for just yourself.

I also like trying new recipes, most of the new ones don’t turn out so well. I think that it’s worth it if every one in five recipes turns out to be good. Most new recipes aren’t that great; but there’s only one way to find something new, and that is to try it. My husband is so sweet, he will eat a meal even if it didn’t turn out well. I won’t eat it, but he will. When the recipes don’t turn out the way I hoped, I’d rather order take-out than try eating a bad tasting meal.

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