My psychiatrist appointment yesterday went really well. First of all, I love the fact that he is always on time, he never runs late. The only medication change is an increase in Cytomel, my thyroid medication, because my thyroid level is off in my last blood work. Other than that, my suicidal ideations are about the same, my anxiety is worse, and my depression is improving slightly. He also said that my twitching that happens because of the Lithium should not be getting any worse and is not a permanent side effect. That’s not that bad. I go back to see him in three months, unless I decide to retry ECT, which is not something I want to do at this point.

4 thoughts on “A Good Psych Appointment

    1. My psychiatrist has been trying to talk me into IV ketamine for about a year. It’s my last resort. It makes me very nervous because of the possibility to dissociate. Also, before I got sober, I used to get high off of ketamine. I know it’s different, but it’s weird and is a trigger. Thanks for the suggestion.

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