I have an appointment with my psychiatrist later today. I’m all ready for it; I have my list of things I want to talk to him already in my purse so I don’t forget it. Now, all I have to do is get through the appointment. I always wonder what he thinks of me. Does he think I’m ridiculous because there’s nothing that can help me regularly? Probably not; he is the one that diagnosed me as bipolar 1, rapid cycling and treatment resistant. I probably think I’m ridiculous more than other people do. I think those type of things about myself more than other people do. Well, here’s to hoping the appointment goes well. I’ll let you know how it goes.

10 thoughts on “Psychiatrist Appointment Later Today

  1. I understand how difficult it can be going to a psychiatrist. I didn’t know what my former Psychiatrist thought of me especially with as many times as I have been in the mental health inpatient care unit of the hospital. He probably thought I was crazy. Thankfully I finally found a Psyc doctor that I like. She actually seems to understand me. I could write a whole post in the comments if I keep typing…..

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    1. This guy is pretty good, but I still wonder what he thinks of me. I worry more about the outcome of the appointments, especially since I’m going to talk to him about the twitching (myoclonic jerks) since they are getting worse.


      1. Try to go in relaxed and not nervous. If wondering what he thinks of you gets in the way just ask him. I have done that before. My psyc dr told me exactally what he thought and it was all nice.

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  2. I’m sure he doesn’t think that of you. I think my psychiatrist must think Im crazy at times since I cant even look at him. I find him triggering at times. But I don’t think he does…well I hope lol. Good luck.

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