I’m having a hard time getting things done lately, with the exception of yesterday. Every task, no matter now big or small, seems to be almost impossible. Every time I find out that there’s something new I need to do, it feels as if someone is squeezing my chest through my ribs, and my breathing gets harder. It only lasts a couple of minutes, but it’s very annoying. They’re not as bad as my regular anxiety attacks, but they are somewhat similar.

I am still able to get things done, but not without difficulty. Is it just a lack of motivation that I’m dealing with? Is it part of the depression I’m going through? Am I simply on overload right now? Who knows, but it’s time for me to force myself to get some things done today. Hopefully I will have more days like yesterday. I had to force myself to do a lot of tasks, but I was very productive.

2 thoughts on “Is It A Lack Of Motivation?

  1. Maybe it is similar to me and creativity. I am super creative when I am manic, but when I am stable or depressed that creativity comes at a much slower pace, sometimes to the point that it feels like I’ve lost it. In reality I haven’t, things have just slowed down for me and I have to force myself to write or paint or dance or whatever it is I do to express myself. I’m not sure if the analogy I’m trying to depict is clear or not, haha. I’m having trouble expressing myself with words lately.

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