Life has been so busy, I haven’t had a moment to rest. Yesterday was the party for my mom’s birthday, and it was wonderful! Of course, my quiche didn’t turn out right. Every other time I make them, they are fantastic, but this time they took a lot longer to cook than ever before. However, the best part is that everyone got along and had a good time. Everyone thanked me for putting the party together; that made me feel good.

Saturday was also very busy. My husband and I helped my aunt get ready for a party she was hosting. I enjoy helping people out. It’s helpful to me when I have something to do. We also had dinner with a close friend.

Today has been a somewhat lazy day. We’re hanging out and putting up Christmas decorations. I can’t believe we leave in a day and a half. We’ve been extremely productive, but no matter how much we get done, there will always be more to do. I have to go now to run some errands.

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