It’s Not Getting Any Better

The rash that I’ve been getting doesn’t appear to be getting any better. In fact, I keep getting new welts, and now they’re on my back where I can’t even reach them. I’m extremely frustrated! This has been going on for about 11 days now. None of the medication that the doctor gave me helps stop the itching. I started using Aspercreme with Lidocaine, and it actually works! It’s a miracle! I’m using it more than it says that you should, but I’m so miserable and it’s the only thing that works.

The doctor called back this morning from the message I left yesterday. She wants me to finish the medications they gave me. If I still have a problem when that’s done, then I should call her back. Basically, I just have to deal with being miserable for the next week. I wish that the doctors at least knew what the rash was or what was causing it.

I have a lot to get done today around the house. Hopefully, by staying very busy, I will keep my mind off all of the scratching. Here’s to hoping that a distraction works…

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Getting Any Better

  1. how about trying an oatmeal bath – you can get them at the local drug store and they are commonly recommended and give relief when people have poison ivy/oak/sumac something like this: store brands are generally less expensive and work just as well on these.
    Also – you might want to steam your carpets – not with any chemicals but just hot steam. Or if you clean them with a cleaning solution be sure they are steamed with just hot water several times afterwards so that there is no chemical residue. Since you just moved in it could be that there is something left in the carpets that is bothering you and giving them a really good cleaning could help.

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