Yesterday was a rough day, but the interesting part is that I don’t remember most of it. I don’t even remember going to bed. It has to be from the ECT. I feel still pretty messed up today, and that’s not how it normally happens. Apparently, I need another day to rest after this past ECT treatment. That’s very abnormal; usually I’m back my normal self the next day, but not this time. I’m trying to continue on with my day, getting things done, but I’ve having a more difficult time than normal. I’ve crossed a couple of things off of my list, but I don’t know if I can keep going. I was going to change my weekly blood work to Thursdays instead of Fridays, but I’ll do that next week. I can’t handle having another thing to do today. I’m even struggling in my writing today. My brain just is not all there. I’m perplexed, confused, baffled, and puzzled today. Hopefully, I’ll get part of my brain back as my day goes on.

4 thoughts on “Out Of It and Perplexed

  1. Is it possible that ECT has some interaction with with the drug rechallenge you are going through? Is it possible that the higher does amplify the effect of ECT memory loss? Who knows? You really are on the frontiers – exploring solutions that have not been tried or at least well documented before.

    HONESTY is my foundation; HOPE is my motivation; FAITH & TRUST in GOD, my strength and guide; PROGRAM is my armor; ACTION is my responsibility; PROGRESS is my passion; VIGILANCE is my duty.

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