I’m still trying to hold on for dear life. My psychiatrist will be back from vacation next week, so I really just need to make it through this weekend. I can do that. I have a lot on my mind, maybe it will distract me from my own depression. I’m doing the best I can not to let my weight gain get the best of  me. I’m still working out, I just finished a 50 minute Zumba video. I’m also doing the best I can with my food, but it can be hard when your meds cause you to be uncontrollably hungry.

I made a plan for myself so I can get through not only this next week, but this next month.

  1. Continue to work out at least 5 times a week.
  2. Stay in contact with friends and family.
  3. Plan and cook healthy meals.
  4. Find all of the shirts and skirts that fit me and put everything else away for now. (It really sucks trying to fit into clothes that are too small every day.)
  5. Contact my psychiatrist next week and begin with his suggestions.

I can do this. Even if I’m doing it while crying, I’m still doing it. The other day, someone asked me how do I do things when I’m so overwhelmed and depressed. The only answer I could think of, was that I just do it. I just do whatever it is that needs to get done. That’s not really a good answer, but I guess I don’t know how I do some of the things I do. I think I stuff my emotions in the moment and then let them all burst later, when I’m at home. It may not be the healthiest way to get things done, but it’s what I know how to do right now.

2 thoughts on “Still Holding On: Getting Things Done

  1. Try Quest bars. No more than two a day 1 hour before lunch or dinner. The high fiber and high protein content will signal satiation hormones that you a full and you will eat less overall.

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