Am I the only person that doesn’t like Halloween? It feels like I’m the only one. Halloween parties are full of people trying to sneak up on you and scare you; I hate that. People are dressed in costumes and you don’t always know who is who. There is candy and junk food everywhere, which is normally hard enough, this juicing fast makes that almost impossible to get through.

My husband and I were invited to a Halloween party. He wants to go, but I don’t. I feel like he was disappointed when I said I didn’t want to go. He tried talking me into it. I’ll probably end up going and taking lots of Valium. I don’t see myself going to a party and enjoying myself.

If there are others out there that don’t like Halloween, please let me know and tell me what you do on Halloween night.

4 thoughts on “I’m Anti-Halloween

  1. We don’t do Halloween parties, get dressed up or have trick-or-treaters or anything like that. The knocks on the door make me anxious and they get the dog extremely riled up so we make sure our porch light is out. I’m sort of anti-parties in general because of my anxiety. We just spend time together as a family, maybe watch some movies or play a game. Sometimes my husband has to work, and if that is the case then I just treat it like any other day, like watching Netflix while I’m on the exercise bike or reading.

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    1. I like how you handle Halloween. I’m worried about my anxiety as well. Staying at home is hard because of the loud kids outside, but going out to a party is even harder. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I feel like I should go because I know my husband really wants to. Maybe we can compromise and only go for 30 minutes or an hour.

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  2. Since October 31, 2004 I’m SOOOOOO over Halloween. On that night I was working and got robbed at gunpoint. I have 1 Halloween decoration because my Gram bought it for me. I put it out in respect for her (don’t want to hurt her feelings), but I’d rather decorate for “Fall”. I have to go to work from 5:30 to 6:30 on Halloween night for a “Trunk or Treat” event that my church insists on having every year and I have to be there since it’s my job. But after that I drop my aunt off, come home, leave all the outside lights off, and watch something funny or a romantic comedy on television. I make sure all the doors are locked and you don’t see me again until November 1st. You gave me an idea…look for a blog to come soon!

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    1. That’s terrible what happened to you on Halloween in 2004. I completely understand why you don’t like Halloween either. I hope your Halloween goes okay for you this year. I think I’ll go to the party my Husband wants to go to for 30 minutes, then come home and turn the lights off and lock the doors, just like you’re doing. I just hope my dog doesn’t bark all night long.

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