I’ve been having a lot of anxiety attacks lately, somewhere between 3 and 6 attacks a day, and I’m not sure why. I feel overwhelmed from everything that’s going on in life. These things are handling life’s day-to-day tasks, but some of those things are not so easy. I worry that I don’t make the right choices, that I’m going to miss something, and then everything will be messed up and it’s all my fault. It’s not just my life, but it’s also my husband’s life that I’m handling.

When my anxiety attacks happen, I can feel my heart pumping in my chest. My chest then feels tight and I struggle to breathe. The dizziness then comes on and my body starts to tremble. Sometimes I have no clue why I’m having an anxiety attack. Sometimes the only reason I know I’m having an attack is because I know my symptoms. My triggers still cause anxiety attacks, but they’re also happening at times that aren’t normally stressful. Does anyone experience this?

8 thoughts on “Anxiety Attacks Increasing

  1. Yes. I have anxiety attacks sometimes that come out of the blue. Of course I think they come out of the blue because I can’t tie any triggers to them when it happens. I guess there could be a trigger I just havnt recognized yet. They are horrible I am sorry you have to experience them.

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    1. I’m sorry you have to deal with them as well. I think it’s easier to deal with my anxiety attacks when I know why I’m having them. When I can’t determine the cause, it makes it a lot worse because I’m trying to figure out the cause while having the anxiety attack. That’s too much to handle.

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  2. I have suffered with them on and off over the years – when I have one after a long break it really shocks me at how intense they are. I suppose you forget after a while how out of control you feel.

    The main important coping method I use is to accept them rather than running from it (easier said then done) – just to ride through it an tell yourself to live in it. After a while, you just learn how to adapt in the situation and alas, you have regained at least some of your control back by making the conscious decision to make friends with them. The intensity kind of wares off enough for you to battle them off after that.

    I hope they don’t last too long, I will be thinking of you

    M x

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    1. That’s exactly what I try to do, ride through it. When I’m getting ready to go somewhere, but I’m having an anxiety attack, I will tell myself, “You can do this” over and over again. I try to adapt to the best of my ability. Thanks for your support


  3. I have them for seemingly no reason as well as when I am triggered. I’ve never understood why. I guess I just live in a state of anxiety all the time. I have a prescription for anxiety medication and I decided that I needed to start using it as a resource, not to be dependent on it, but to simply let it serve its purpose and know it’s okay to take it the amount of times per day I’m prescribed (I usually try to tough it out). I don’t like taking those kind of meds but they are there to help.

    I’ve also been working on interrupting those panic attacks. Since I know my symptoms, once they start to happen I try to stop my train of thought and process, ask myself what good these thoughts are doing or what will change by thinking this way – the purpose being to stop the thoughts from escalating. Sometimes it helps me to calm down. Other times though, my symptoms happen and I am not having anxious thoughts. I have no idea what to do about that.

    I hope that you can find a way to calm your anxiety so that it is not happening as much. I know how miserable it is to live with that level of anxiety.

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    1. I’m prescribed Valium twice a day, but I try my best to only take it when it’s absolutely necessary. There are some days that I can talk myself through my anxiety. Sometimes I don’t take the Valium for days, other times I take it twice in a day.

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