I made it through another family get-together. There were only a total of 10 people, but I only knew 2 of these people. This was a long overdue family reunion. I took a Valium on my way over there, and it kicked in just in time. I automatically introduced myself to people when I arrived, which is something I would never normally do; thank you Valium. I offered to help out in the kitchen, and I ended up doing a lot. I was even hugging people when I said goodbye at the end of the night. It’s amazing what 10mg of Valium will do.

4 thoughts on “Another Successful Get-Together Thanks To Valium

    1. I’m prescribed 10mgs twice a day as needed, but I never take that much. A one month supply lasts me between 5 and 6 months. Since I don’t take it that often, it works extremely well. It does make me tired, once I’m able to sit still and do nothing.

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      1. A couple of years ago I was on 20 MG a day, my secretary is doesn’t like prescribing benzos, she put me on lyric up for anxiety sorry about the typos in this comment my dictation is working crap on my phone because I have a cold

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