Last night I slept better than I have slept in months. I only got up once and I went back to sleep just under 30 minutes. Normally, I wake up once or twice, and I’m awake for anywhere between 1 and 3 hours. Sometimes, I wake up and can’t fall back to sleep at all. I’m happy that I was able to finally get the rest that need. Hopefully I can sleep like that again tonight.

I even remember the dream I had, which is very unusual for me. I remember handing out with an ex of mine. We met at school and then suddenly there were multiple tornadoes all over the place. The ex and I took cover and were safe. Just when we thought it was over, more tornadoes came. I don’t really believe that dreams mean something in our lives. I just find that dream interesting. The tornadoes were so real and scary.

5 thoughts on “Sleeping Well

  1. glad to hear you are sleeping better. as my cousin would say, “sleep…good…k.”

    i’m a professional freudian dream reader, yah right. let me read your dream.

    – the fact that your ex was in your dream is a sign of your issues with your mother.

    – the fact that there were tornados points to the fact you have issues with your mother.

    – the fact you even had a dream points to the fact you even had a dream points to the you have issues with your mother.

    it goes without saying, but i must say it anyway, the previous dream is brought to you by humor of the freudian kind.

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      1. i think you took me wrong. I have no reason to doubt you have a great relationship with your mom. freud was sarcastically know to find the root of all problems to issues with the mother. sorry if you took offense. that was not my intent.

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