After talking to my husband about some of the details about moving, he decided it probably wouldn’t be the best idea to move to Connecticut. He wouldn’t want to move while his father is sick. We would both miss our granddaughter so much. And Connecticut is an expensive place to live. We talked about moving to northern Arizona, but that is even more expensive than Connecticut. We’re just going to do some research to see what the rental properties are like up north, but most likely we won’t be moving anywhere for at least a few years. This brought down my stress level a bit. I don’t want to move and then have either me or my husband regret it.

I have a feeling that we won’t be moving for a while. It’s hard to move away from your family. I know; I’ve done it twice. Both times I moved away to go to Arizona. Moving away from family is so hard. I probably wouldn’t be able to do it if I didn’t see my mom every 3 months. I also know that I can go visit my family at any time if I need to.

4 thoughts on “Not Moving, Just Doing Research

    1. Moving away from family is really hard. The only reason I’m able to be away from my family is because I know I can fly home any time I want to. I don’t picture my husband moving away from his family. They get together all the time.

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  1. There were 7 kids in my family plus my dad, and not one of us lived in the same state as the others. 8 different states. Some people found that strange, but it tends to be the norm in my family.

    Good to hear your stress level came down. Giving it a few years while you research sounds healthy.

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