This is the third time in a row that I’m having problems getting my Clozapine prescription filled. The lab automatically faxes my blood test results to the pharmacy, but for some reason, the pharmacy cannot find them. Yesterday, the pharmacy told me they didn’t have the results without even knowing my name. Then I told them my name and said that the test results normally go straight into my file. Less than a minute later I was told again that they don’t have the test results.

I called the lab and left a message for them asking them to resend my blood work to the pharmacy. Today, I will call the lab again just to make sure they got my message, and then I will call the pharmacy again. If I’m still having difficulties, then I will just show up at the pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. I really wish it wasn’t this difficult getting my Clozapine script filled.

One thought on “Problems Filling A Prescription

  1. When you go to the pharmacy, have them call the lab immediately when you are there. Ask the manager to follow up with the lab if paperwork is not received. It’s out of your hands; let them deal with it. You may also call you doctor to call the lab to get the results, then have your doctor fax to the pharmacy may be an alternate choice. Just making suggestions based on my experience.

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