For the past two nights, I’ve finally been sleeping and staying in bed all night long. For the past month or so, I would wake up after being asleep for only an hour or so. Then, I would come out on the couch and attempt to sleep. Sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. But the last two nights I finally got a full night’s sleep. I think it’s even helping me feel better during the day.

I’m still having weird dreams. I remember them when I wake up, but then I forget them after a few minutes, just like I forget everything else. I wish my memory would start improving soon. I feel uncomfortable around people because I’m afraid I’m going to ask them the same thing multiple times. I don’t want to bother people. I’m just doing the best that I can.

2 thoughts on “A Full Night’s Sleep

  1. i bet it feels refreshing to sleep the whole night though.

    if i could be so bold to offer up a weapon for you are in public. you ended the post with it, i’m doing the best i can. the memory loss isn’t something you chose, but something given to you. imho, feeling shame just adds to the struggle.

    i know you well enough that you will do what’s best for you.

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