I’ve been thinking of going to another meeting today; however, the meetings I’ve been going to tend to get so crowded that I get uncomfortable. That’s why I thought I would change it up a bit and try going to the noon meeting. I’ve been to it before, so it’s not completely new for me, and there are generally less people at the noon meeting then there are at the 6pm meeting. It’s worth a shot, I should at least try it. If, for some reason, I’m uncomfortable, I can always leave. I’ll let you all know how the meeting goes.

4 thoughts on “Trying Another Meeting

  1. Perhaps when you’re at a large meeting, focus on the person speaking and just you. Only you two in the room, no one else. You’re not the only one. Most, if not all, are uncomfortable. Something I learned when I was younger was to imagine everyone else in the room was naked except you. Yes, that can be disturbing, even frighting but I bet it’ll bring a smile to your face and get you through the meeting. 🙂

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  2. hey my side of the pole,

    consider a nami connections meeting. your in a metropolitan area, there’s got to be one. they are geared towards people with a mental illness. in no way are they a traditional 12 step meetings. there, at least you’d be able to freely talk about your conditions and how it effects you. personally, having attended both, i like the connections meeting better. as usual, the normal disclosure : your mileage may vary.

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