Yesterday’s monsoon was gigantic. The rain at my house lasted more than 30 minutes, and that’s very abnormal. This morning, I woke up to find out that yesterday’s winds took down a lot of trees in our area. Roads were closed all around us due to downed pine trees. It’s a bit nerve-wracking having all of that storm damage so close to our new house. Trees fell a few streets west of us, a few streets north of us, and just a couple blocks south. I feel extremely grateful that our property is okay and my husband made it home safe from work (I get so nervous when he has to drive during a storm).

Luckily, Achilles doesn’t really care about storms. In fact, he doesn’t react to them at all. Yesterday, the winds were banging up against the sides of the house so much that it was making a lot of noise, more noise than during a normal storm. The monsoon was scaring me, but not Achilles. I was home by myself with Achilles as my protector.

We might get another storm this evening. Right now, the sky is blue and the sun is shining, but that could change in a matter of minutes. It’s going to be like this for the next couple of months, that’s why they call it ‘Monsoon Season’.

5 thoughts on “Storm Damage

    1. This picture is not of my neighborhood, but it is the closest pic I could find to what happened in my area. On my drive to the pharmacy, just one light over, I saw 5 downed trees. Two of the fallen trees were at the pharmacy. And of course there’s another storm going on right now. There’s rain, wind, lightening, and thunder. There’s even a flash flood warning in effect.

      No one in my neighborhood died, but there was a bunch of flooding in surrounding cities. It’s very sad; at least 9 people died and more are missing.

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      1. I know. When we had the thunder storm, trees were uprooted. I couldn’t stop my car to take photos. One dam in northern CA broke and water was flooding down. Homes were evacuated. My phone had 2 notifications of flooding warnings.

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