I wonder how much my medications are working. I take 11 meds plus I do ECT once every two weeks. This does not include the medication I take for my physical health. I take so many meds, it’s hard to tell which ones are working and which ones need an adjustment. I feel like something needs to be adjusted, I just don’t know what. My medications are as follows:

Clozapine 100mg – 4 pills at bedtime
Cogentin 1mg – ½ pill in the am, 1 pill in the pm
Cytomel 50 mcg – 1 ½ pills in the am
Donepezil 10mg – 1 pill at bedtime
Inositol 500mg – 1 pill daily
Lithium ER 450mg – 1 pill 2 times a day
L-Methylfolate 15mg – 1 pill in the am
Memantine 10mg – 1 pill 2 times a day
Metformin 500mg – 1 pill in the am, 2 pills at bedtime
Mirapex 1mg – 1 pill 3 times a day
Tegretol ER 200mg – 1 pill in the am, 2 pills in the pm

11 thoughts on “Which Medications Are Working?

    1. I’m feeling pretty lost lately. I’m depressed and wish things would just end. Luckily, I’m coming up on a vacation in about 2 weeks where I’ll get to spend time with my mom. I think that is what’s holding me together at this point.

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        1. I have a lot of memory loss, both short term and long term. I also have trouble finding the right words, and I get confused really easily. But ECT is one thing that I know is working. I tried stopping it once, and I slipped into another major depression.

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    1. I’m not that fond of ECT or the meds, but they do help. I’m okay with them as long as they are helping. I hope to cut back on some meds in the future and reduce the amount of ECT that I do. However, I will do whatever I need to do, as long as I’m doing better.


    1. I’m not that fond of ECT or meds either. But you’re right, they do work. I continuously say that I’m going to quit ECT or stop taking my meds, but I never do, and I won’t do that unless it’s instructed by my doctor.


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