Pretending to be positive about things is more exhausting than I thought it was. It works, but it is extremely tiring. I am planning on going back to the support group I tried out last week. I need to go there regularly in order to get used to it. Once I get used to this group, I really think that there’s a good chance of it being helpful in multiple ways. There’s another group that’s not too far from my house that I’ve thought about going to on Tuesday nights.I think I’m going to try one new and scary thing at a time. It is nice to know that there are others out there just like me who are willing to be there for each other.

I also had a hard time getting my 2 week prescription of Clozapine. I’ll know later today if and when I can pick up the prescription. I’m not very happy with Walgreens right now.


2 thoughts on “Finding Help In Support Groups

  1. I can’t imagine how more difficult it would have been at times without a support group. I don’t go anymore because they are all too far away and the person I rode with quit going. I miss them, though. I hope you find yours continues to be helpful. Sometimes we just need to be around others who “get it.”

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