I was at the movies with my husband yesterday when his aunt called twice in a row. Thinking it was an emergency, he stepped outside to answer the phone. It turns out that our cousins were in town for one day and they were having a get-together. However, it seems that we were the only two that weren’t told the day and time of the gathering. Our aunt was calling to see if we were going to come to the party; she said that everyone else already arrived. My husband and I discussed it and decided that it was best to go over there to see everyone, especially the ones that are in town for only a day (we really like them and rarely get to visit).

We left the theater after seeing only the first 20 minutes of the movie. We arrived and realized that even our step-kids were there. It doesn’t matter that we weren’t informed about the party. Everyone makes mistakes and forgets to inform everyone. I looked around and realized that there were 21 people at this gathering. I found a spot where my back was to the wall and I started visiting with family. For the most part, it went pretty well. I even got some time to play with my granddaughter; she is growing up so quickly.

We only stayed about 2 hours. I wanted to leave sooner, but my husband was engaged in conversation with family that he doesn’t see as often as he wants. So I found another seat where I was comfortable and waited for him to be done talking to people. I made it through my time there and even had some good (maybe even great) conversations with people. I wished we knew about the party earlier, so I could prepare myself for it, but it worked out no matter what.

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