My weight has gotten out of control. Since I don’t drink or use drugs anymore (for the past 13 years), I usually eat when I’m stressed or when problems arise. And since I’ve been having so many problems lately, I’ve been eating a lot. I’m trying to stop. I want to and need to lose weight. In a little over two months, I’m going to go to Cape Cod to spend time with my family. When I go, I really want to be comfortable in a bathing suit. Actually, I want to feel comfortable in any type of clothes. I don’t need to lose all of the weight I’ve gained, just some of it. I have to try. I can do this.

7 thoughts on “Weight Gain

  1. consider using your aa principles. first, admit that you are powerless over food. if you have a sponsor, see if they would mind you calling surrounding food issues. if not see if there are friends you might call. unhealthy eating usually happens when you are running from someone. when you feel that urge, make a call and talk to your friend until the urges passes or maybe your friend can help you face what is fearful.

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