Feeling Useless; I’ve Felt Like This Before

The past few days have been pretty rough. My husband hasn’t been feeling well, and we don’t know what’s wrong. At first, we thought it was just the flu. Some blood work came back, and we’re afraid it may be an autoimmune disease, liver disease, or something else more serious. So now, we’re waiting for more blood test results. I hate waiting.

The past few days have been hard for me, even though I’m not the one that’s ill. I keep trying to find ways to help my husband feel better, but there’s nothing that I can do to help. It reminds me of when I was a kid. My dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was 12 or 13. He was pretty sick fairly often, especially from chemo and dialysis. I remember hanging around my dad when he was sick and feeling completely useless. He wasn’t feeling well and there was nothing I could do to help. That same feeling is coming back now. My husband isn’t feeling well, and nothing I do is helping.

7 thoughts on “Feeling Useless; I’ve Felt Like This Before

  1. it sounds like you’re struggling; don’t forget that’s okay. i know it feels weird and wrong; that’s not unusual.

    you know those simple things you like when you are down? there pretty universal. hold his hand, talk to him about some of his favorite memories, do something special, make him cookies or brownies, and the all too simple yet all too powerful, sit with him.

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      1. when i wrote this, i wrote for the purpose of being a comfort and support to you husband. you have reminded me of the positive effect the can and does have on the person reaching in support. thank you.

        did you make some cookies or brownies? can you some this way? ha ha

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