Today, my blood pressure was pretty high. I had my BP taken by the nurse before seeing my doctor. She first used an electric BP cuff, and it came out to be 167/147. I told her that it’s usually lower when done manually. I also tried breathing calmly while she was taking my BP manually. It worked! It got all the way down to 147/97. It’s still higher than it should be, but it’s lower than it was just a few minutes before. If you look at how stressful life is lately, it makes sense that my BP would be high. It’s something that I’ll keep working on, and hopefully it will get better. However, I can only work on so many things at one time.

It’s almost time for my vacation. I leave, in just one week from tomorrow evening, to go on vacation to Cape Cod. I’m really looking forward to seeing my family, especially the time alone I’ll have with my mom. I wish I would have lost some more weight before my trip. Oh well, I did the best I could, and I will keep trying every day, even while I’m out there on vacation.

4 thoughts on “High Blood Pressure

  1. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. I’m glad to see the bp came down with some breathing and manually done. Stress really does jack that bp up. I am sorry you have had so much stress. I hope the vacation brings some calm

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  2. Being a former Medic years ago, I have taken BP’s many times. Using one of those Electronic BP cuffs, I don’t trust too much. I have always relied on what I hear. The manual method is always the best way, in my opinion. Having a BP of 147/97 is not real bad, but it should be lower. The High number is called Diastolic. It’s when your heart pumps out. The lower number is called Systolic. It’s when your heart relaxes. I’ve taken BP’s as high as over 200 Diastolic! Not good at all!

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