Memory loss is a side effect I’ve been experiencing from ECT. I have been on 2 medications to help with memory loss for several months now. When I saw my psychiatrist, I told him that my memory is not improving or stabilizing; at least not from what I can remember. He told me that for his patients that have been on these medications successfully definitely noticed a change. If I wasn’t sure if the meds were helping or not, then they most likely weren’t helpful. So, I’m tapering off of Donepezil and I should be off it completely in under two weeks.

I wonder if there’s anything that can help my memory. If the medications I’ve been trying aren’t helping, what’s the next step? I already write everything down and even record certain things when need be. However, ECT continues to screw with my memory. It appears as if my memory will just continue getting worse because I’m doing ECT once every two weeks.

I wish I could stop ECT. It feels as if my mind and body can’t take much more of it. However, I know that if I stop now, with nothing to replace it, then I’ll slip further into my depression. So instead, I continue to go along with what my psychiatrist wants me to do, as long as he explains the reasons why he wants me to do each specific treatment.

7 thoughts on “Handling Memory Loss

  1. I just tweeted about the pain of memory loss – mine is directly related to the bipolar, but I woke up this morning unsure of what day it is, where I should be, what time I should be there. I’m thankful for apps that help but not knowing something I once did — and planned for — is horrible.

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  2. I know it’s been a while since you written this and even longer since I’ve actually followed you but I wanted to honor you for you continuing battle. The fact you are still battling shows great perseverance. Good job.

    Do remember in the doctor/patient you are the boss. The doctor is simply an advisor. Secondly, often a step forward requires a new point of of point. It wasn’t until I went to my second psychiatrist did I start to see any improvement with my depression.

    Is your psychiatrist moving you forward? Maybe a different perspective can set a new and better direction.

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