Allergies and Depression

For more than a week now, I have had allergies off and on that are extremely annoying. I don’t remember having allergies when I was growing up, but then again, I don’t remember much of anything anymore. My symptoms tend to come and go. I’ve been really tired too. I took a two hour nap this evening, and I’m still tired. The allergies on top of the depression is making life even more difficult. I worry about taking OTC allergy meds, I’m not sure if they will react with the meds I’m already on.

Speaking of medication, I have been tapering off of a couple of my meds. I’m already off the Inositol. I finish taking the Mirapex Monday night, and I finish taking the Donepezil Friday night. I’m hoping that I don’t have any bad reactions by coming off these meds.

7 thoughts on “Allergies and Depression

  1. You might look into a Neti pot. It seems kinda gross, but they generally work well and there is no medication involved. Just follow the directions and don’t use tap water.

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  2. The vast majority who have hypersensitivities don’t have sadness, and a great many people who are discouraged don’t have sensitivities.There’s no proof that there is a causality between unfavorably susceptible rhinitis and wretchedness.
    Thanks for sharing

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