My husband and I decided that we want to see our granddaughter; it’s been about a week since we’ve seen her, and so we invited his daughter and boyfriend over for dinner. This all happened last night, and the dinner is tonight. That’s a lot for me to handle. I have to clean the entire house and cook a meal. Then, my husband decided he would invite his mother over because she doesn’t get to see the baby very often. It’s a very sweet thought, but it doesn’t mean more work for him, just more for me. Then I realized I can make lasagna! I made some lasagna with my mom when she was out here last time. I don’t have to do anything, just heat it up from frozen!

Okay, so now all I need to do is clean the house, do laundry, and make garlic bread. That’s not that bad. However, cleaning the house will take a while; there’s dog hair everywhere, even though I cleaned the whole house just a couple of days ago. I also have to figure out where people can eat. There’s not enough room in our house for our dining room table, at least not the way I want it. A couple of people can eat at the counter, there are bar stools there. And then there’s the couch and the desk. I can make that work.

Why is it so stressful having people come over your house? Is it just me, or are other people like this as well? I feel like my house needs to be sparkling clean and organized if I’m having any company over. At least all I need to do is clean the house; I have more time to do it since I don’t have to cook. I don’t think I’ve ever had this many people at my house at one time, so I’m a bit anxious. I’m sure it will all work out, but I will  probably worry about it all day.


8 thoughts on “Family Dinner

  1. I’m the same way. I go on cleaning binges each time I know someone is coming to my house, be it a guest or the guy coming to hook up the satellite. I never have people over because I feel my house has to be perfect. I get that they may not care if everything is perfect, but I can’t seem to get over my hangups with this.

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  2. I’m like that, but out helps when I go to other people’s horses and see one or two things out of place.I just laugh to myself. My mother used to tell people if my house isn’t clean enough, the cleaning supplies are under the sink! I can remember when one of my brother’s friends came over, he put his ham on top of the refrigerator and removed it with dust coveringhis hand. My mom gave him a dust cloth, stating that most people can’t see up there! The friend never said anything again, but every few months she would give him a rag to clean it.

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  3. I am the same way. It is so bad for me that I haven’t had anyone over to my house since August of last year. I just can’t handle it. My Gram is totally different though. We go to her house every Sunday for lunch. My mom has us over for holidays. Her house is never clean, but we all know this in advance. I don’t have people to my house because I feel that no matter what I do it isn’t good enough for other people to see.

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    1. I can understand the feeling that no matter what you do, it isn’t good enough for others to see. For me, things aren’t good enough for my standards. However, I only hold myself to these standards. I don’t think that other people have to keep their homes to the same standards.

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  4. I get the same way. When we have people over, even family, I clean until it sparkles. If I’m cooking then I am always trying to impress. I seem to forget that people just want to spend time with me and each other… My perfect house and culinary expertise can actually be off-putting and mKe them uncomfortable. I needed to learn to trust that others would want to be around me for me and not my home or my food.

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