Every week I get my blood drawn to check for any possible side effects from taking Clozapine. The medication can cause many serious side effects, and the blood tests are there to catch the issues before they get too serious. My blood work results are finally all within normal limits. At one point, they got so bad that my pharmacist said they may not be able to continue filling my Clozapine prescriptions. We still have to keep an eye out for any issues since I’m increasing the medication slowly. I’m still doing weekly blood work, but I’m almost half way through it. At six months, I get to switch to every other week. At least it’s something to look forward to.

It’s also been getting easier to get my Clozapine prescriptions filled. I haven’t had to call the pharmacy and see if they have my blood work results, which is what I have had to do up until the last two weeks. I haven’t had to call the lab to have them fax over the results again either. The pharmacist is also no longer questioning my blood work  because my results are finally normal. I’m glad this is finally getting easier, it’s about time. All I  have to do now is hand the pharmacy my prescription, and 30 minutes later my medication is ready to be picked up.

4 thoughts on “Clozapine Refills Are Getting Easier

  1. I’m on Clozapine tooo, for tardive and manic depression. Works really good but ya gota watch the metabolic fallout. Last weekl I had an emergency next day redraw due to drop in absolute neutrophils. How long ya been on Cloz? Did you know there’s NO movement disorder related to it? And it’s in the same class as the ones that cause TD. So you are lucky…just take care of immune health so your values go up. I have autoimmune problems im my family and myself so I can help you with that in terms of cheap holistic things that help immune system. Edgar Cayce readings stuff. Leaky Gut syndrome. Allergies being the same as challenging immune system. Eat right. Lotsa greens. I gota get off this computer.

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