I had to take my dog, Cash, to the emergency vet earlier today. Cash was having problems walking, his temperature was 2 degrees low, his gums were pale, his abdomen was enlarged, and he refused to eat dog food or treats (even when they were brought to him). I waited, for what felt like hours (but it was really only 45 minutes), and the vet came into the room to tell me about the results of the tests. It turns out that his blood work shows him as anemic, with some type of big infection (his WBC is twice what it should be), a tumor near his abdomen, and there is also some lose fluid in the abdomen.

I’m so worried about him. He’s 11 years old, I’m not sure if he can make it through this. I’m sleeping out in the living room with him this evening. I’m worried that this will be his last night tonight. Tomorrow, I will be bringing him and all of the tests/paperwork back to my regular vet. I feel more comfortable seeing how it goes with my regular vet (who knows Cash very well). I’m hoping for some better news, but I’m not counting on it. I’m going to stick by his side so he’s not alone. It’s bad enough that he’s in pain, I don’t want him to be alone either. The employees at vet that I went to, were extremely helpful, polite, and nice.

7 thoughts on “Cash Is Feeling Sick

  1. cash, please get well soon. when you aren’t well, you don’t know how hard it is on your owners. they care about you more than you know. that’s why there’s an extra body in the living room tonight, out of concern for you. cash, by seeing your owner’s reaction, i can see you’ve been a truly impactful dog. here’s to the hope of many more years of impactful life. if not, please accept these extra helping of love as the gift they are, a deserving gift for your many years of love and loyalty.

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  2. I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and words. Cash is doing better this morning. He can walk and he ate his breakfast. He has a 2pm vet appointment, where we hope to get more answers. I think they will do an ultrasound to look at the tumor better. I’ll let you all know how his appointment goes and how he’s holding up. Thank you again for all of the support!


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