Yesterday, I found out that we have bed bugs. There’s not a lot of them, so the guy thinks it will be easy to take care of; however, it was just another thing to add to the list of crap that has been happening to us lately. Taking care of this issue is not only extremely expensive, but it takes a lot of work, time, and energy. We have to wash and dry all of the bedding, pillows, drapes, shoes, and clothes (from under the bed, the dresser, and the bottom shelf of the closet). Then everything has to be sealed in plastic bags and put in the garage.

I started doing this yesterday, and then the dryer stopped working. That’s when I lost it. I started crying and I couldn’t stop. My thoughts were so negative with suicidal ideations that wouldn’t go away. My husband ended up coming home two hours early from work. That was a huge help. I finally stopped crying and was able to function. We took everything that had to be washed/dried to the laundromat. We ended up doing 12 loads of laundry all at once. He was so helpful and supportive. Without his assistance, I would have spent the rest of the day crying with horrible thoughts in my head.

We probably got at least half of everything done. I still have more work that has to be done, but I have until Wednesday to finish it all. Hopefully we don’t have any more crises happen in our lives for a little while. I know life will always happen, but I’m hoping for a break from other disasters.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Disaster

  1. You poor thing! Bed bugs are the worst, because they can make you feel like you’ve done something wrong or unhygienic but that’s absolutely not the case at all, it’s just a horrible situation.
    Sounds like you’re handling it really well, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Keep your chin up, it’ll be over soon x

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  2. I’ve gone through the same thing, so you’re not alone. It’s frustrating as hell; you think you got ’em all taken care of when they pop up again. It’s more of a common problem than people realize in some places. Relax. They are just a nuisance; they bite but do nothing more. Nothing to be scared of. In the future just be vigilant – see ONE and call the exterminator! Don’t wait, they multiple faster than rabbits (no joke). I hope I help knowing you’re not only the one dealing with this issue!

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