Making The Right Decision Is Beyond Difficult

cash-recoveredToday was a rough day. I had to watch my dog be ill. It seemed like he was giving up on life, but I didn’t want to have him put to sleep too early, and it was a good call that I waited it out. Later in the day, he finally stood up, walked a little bit, went to the bathroom, and he even ate a treat (none of which he would do earlier in the day). He rebounded physically; he still has some life left in him. However, he appears to be going downhill again. My husband got him to actually eat dinner, but it doesn’t seem like he’s going to rebound again. I think the fact that he won’t eat regularly, won’t walk, and won’t wag his tail is his way of telling me that he’s ready. I just don’t want him to be in pain and suffer. It’s such a hard decision to make; I just want to do what’s right for my dog. I’m sleeping out on the couch tonight so I can be close to him in case he needs me.

3 thoughts on “Making The Right Decision Is Beyond Difficult

  1. i feel for you. what lay of you is an impossible choice. on one side you have cash in pain. on the other hand, it is a pain you’ll feel without your cash.

    i could get at mathematical on you saying when the pain cash feels is more than the pain you’ll feel in his absence, it time to let go. that doesn’t really help. it’s so subjective. what is cash’s pain level? what will your pain level be? those are answers no one knows.

    do know that i feel for you. about 3 weeks ago, i laid in bed with the best dog in the world, jimmy with a respiration rate of higher than 60. i hurt, i hurt a lot. that day, even though jimmy was alive at that moment, a grieved more than i had ever before. it was more than when my parents died or my two brothers.

    i am thankful that jimmy could be medically treated and he is still with us. I still crashed hard four days later trying to reconcile the grief i had been feeling vs. the fact that he was across the room. i found it so confusing.

    know that if i can help you in any way, i am there for you.

    in no way do i envy the decision you and your husband have to make when it come to cash. one thing i know for certain, when that time comes, you will make a difficult but right decision.

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